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Do You Want to Know the Features Offered by Konnected Joe Voyager pack Available at BBQs 2u?

The flames inside a blazing crimson in Kamado Joe is not simply the best for smoking, searing, and slow roasting.

It is not simply the ideal method for preparing crispy pizzas, scorched veggies, and juicy, flavourful meat.

It is also a genuine, satisfying way to rediscover the basic joys of cooking over a fire, as well as an amazing way to unwind and strengthen relationships with loved ones.

Konnected Joe Voyager pack, which is a wilderness survival kit with all the necessities for camping, trekking, and other outdoor activities, is on display at BBQs 2u’s showroom.

They provide a range of pack sizes and designs to meet various requirements such as:

  • Backpacks
  • Duffel bags
  • Daypacks.

To keep you safe and organized, the packs have features like:

  • GPS trackers
  • Burner warmers
  • Hydration systems.

They are well-reviewed overall for cost, usefulness, and durability in the following paragraphs.

A Heavy-Duty Design

Kamado grills, distinct from traditional charcoal grills, feature an egg-shaped design with efficient ceramic interiors for optimal heat retention and even cooking.

The Konnected Joe, like others in its category, employs wood charcoal, utilizing upper and lower vents to regulate combustion and chamber temperature for a superior grilling experience.

Weighing 216 pounds, the robust Konnected Joe follows the design of the renowned Big Green Egg, a pioneer in kamado grill technology.

The grill, measuring 48 inches in height and 22 inches in width on its included cart, expands to 47 inches with extended aluminium shelves.

Installable as a built-in outdoor kitchen component, it recommends lump charcoal for optimal performance, emphasizing the avoidance of lighter fluid, match-lit, and flavoured charcoal with briquettes due to potential flavour absorption.

The Konnected Joe boasts an impressive fit and finish, featuring a glazed red ceramic exterior with a golf ball-like dimpled texture.

Its sturdy stainless-steel latch protects the domed lid, complemented by an adjustable hard-wearing hinge.

The steel cart, equipped with four caster wheels, including two locking wheels, ensures effortless grill mobility.

The Konnected Joe features user-friendly controls, with a prominent round temperature gauge as well as an adjustable vent on the lid for airflow and temperature regulation.

The lower black section houses the Control Board and an adjustable lower vent with a removable ash disposal drawer.

A thick wire mesh fiberglass gasket ensures an airtight seal between the lid and base. The back includes a main power switch and a power connector for the 6-foot cord.

The user-friendly Control Board of the Konnected Joe boasts a 3.4” diagonal display, 4 function buttons, a temperature-selecting dial, and a power button.

An additional panel to the right houses three probe jacks and the Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) button, activating the ignition coil.

The Cycle function toggles between temperature and session graph screens displaying current and target temperatures, total cook time, and temperature changes over time with probe readings.

Use the Temp button for temperature settings, Timer for countdown or count-up, and Wi-Fi for smartphone pairing.

The intuitive design enhances user control and monitoring for an enhanced grilling experience.

In addition to that you will get after sales support from BBQs 2u in the UK.

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